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May 31, 2016

Long gone are the days when marketing was solely about brand awareness and PR. In today’s business world, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is regulated by strict KPIs and various business metrics.  Lead quality and quantity are the biggest challenges marketers face today:

•    32% of marketers believe that eschewing lead quality in favor of lead quantity is the top priority
•    27% reveal that lead generation is their biggest challenge

Even though the techniques for generating leads were considered to perfected out long ago, marketers that are not leveraging business intelligence to meet their goals risk losing momentum with their marketing efforts. Fortunately, effective lead generation is a process that marketing automation excels at. 66% of marketers report that enhanced targeting and personalization are the top benefits of marketing automation. If your marketers have provided enough engaging and relevant content, your prospect will definitely fill in one of your registration form at some point, which helps marketing professionals to place conversion opportunities across websites and enables the collection of valuable information from site visitors. The data is then passed on to other channels, such as display ads, email blasts, and social media campaigns that help to bring leads closer to conversion. Recent surveys show that only 61% of marketers consider their corporate website as an effective source for generating quality leads.

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Even though, the process of generating new leads is associated with the sales department, marketing has started to play a much more significant role in the process. In fact, 24% of modern marketers rank ROI among their top five performance metrics. Automation gives marketers the ability to track revenue sources and attribute closed deals to the campaigns that generated them. Moreover, marketing automation gives your sales reps the freedom to keep their focus of the most qualified leads and convert them into opportunities with personalized approaches. That is why we developed an eBook to help you learn how business intelligence drives better ‪‎ROI and generates more sales-qualified ‪‎leads. Download the insightful eBook if you want to take your marketing campaigns on a whole new level.


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