Bpm’online showcases latest process-driven CRM innovations, deployments at CRM Evolution 2015

As industry analysts hail increased process-driven focus, new HaloPays, Portman deployments highlight why 8 out of 10 new bpm’online customers have switched from other CRM systems.


As industry analysts hail increased process-driven focus, new HaloPays, Portman deployments highlight why 8 out of 10 new bpm’online customers have switched from other CRM systems.

Bpm'online, whose process-driven CRM software for marketing, sales and service helps over 6,000 organizations win more customers, faster, showcased the market momentum behind adoption of CRM solutions with strong process engine at the CRM Evolution conference today. New customer deployments including HaloPays and Portman, announced today, along with process-driven enhancements in bpm’online’s latest version 7.6, typify why 8 out of 10 new bpm’online customers in the past quarter have replaced other CRM systems with bpm’online’s award winning, flexible and process-rich approach.

With organizations achieving 30% greater profit when using strong processes to guide sales activity than organizations that do not (1), enterprises are reevaluating the capabilities of their existing CRM solutions and placing heightened emphasis on the ability to customize customer-facing processes. Existing CRM solutions where process adjustment takes too long, requires additional technical expertise, or isn’t agile enough to support today’s dynamic market environments are being replaced by process-driven solutions that are proven to deliver heightened ROI.

“Bpm’online provided us with a comprehensive tool set to manage the complete end-to-end customer journey and ensure outstanding experiences across multiple touchpoints,” said Jax Carroll, CEO at HaloPays, which specializes in custom merchant processing strategies and web-based software applications.

HaloPays scrapped its Infusionsoft system and deployed bpm’online to increase efficiency of its business processes. After considering many different solutions, HaloPays chose bpm’online because of its easy process configuration that requires no technical expertise and its comprehensive suite of products that oversees all stages of customer interactions.

“Bpm’online’s intuitive system navigation, ease of data entry and record retrieval, availability 24/7, on the go and on multi devices will deliver real improvements for our sales and account management teams, saving time and improving our efficiency,” said Steve Allen, CEO of Portman, one of the UK's leading travel management companies providing a full range of specialist travel management solutions. Following a review of a number of CRM solutions, Portman has selected bpm’online to replace its GoldMine system.

“Reports and dashboards in bpm’online’s system are easily generated and provide up-to-date information on the status of the sales pipeline, improving visibility and commercial decision making at all levels in the business“, Portman’s Allen said.

Both HaloPays and Portman expect to see added efficiency through better project management and sales tracking, greater consistency at every point of customer interaction, enhanced data management throughout the complete customer journey, and improvements in overall business performance.

With bpm’online CRM, businesses report gaining the tools they need to help cope with market challenges and stay competitive. The BPM platform as a core of the bpm’online CRM solution enables quick and easy business process configuration – with no tech specialist or coding involved. This offers companies the agility to constantly test different approaches and processes to see what works best, remaining successful in a highly competitive environment.

With the bpm’online CRM bundle comprised of three seamlessly integrated applications for marketing, sales and service, businesses are able to connect the dots between different departments within the organization and quickly adapt to new customer behavior patterns.

Industry analysts including Nucleus Research, Hypatia Research Group, and others have highlighted the importance of stronger process-driven capabilities as delivering impressive efficiencies, instilling industry best-practices throughout sales teams, and dramatically improving the customer experience.

"Eight out of ten of our new customers find bpm’online as a best alternative to their existing solution due to strong competitive advantages of our CRM,” said Michael Rooney, svp and general manager of bpm'online. “Fragmented marketing, sales and service processes cannot provide the full view of the complete customer journey. Bpm’online process-driven technologies enable companies to streamline business processes and efficiently provide a differentiated experience at every point of customer interaction.”

(1) Sales Management Association, 2013, as cited here

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