Regular update package for Creatio products

Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements. 

Creatio 7.17.3 provides the following key updates:

No-code / low-code tools   

Business processes. In the newest release, we’ve enhanced the Process Designer functionality. From now on, users can set up rule-based file names while generating reports. Also, it is much easier for system administrators to grant permissions to run particular business processes. Now you can configure the rules not only in the Process Designer when configuring the process, but in the Process Library on the process’s Properties page. This streamlines the permission setup flow. For instance, system administrators can grant permissions to run case-related processes.  

Integrations. We continue to improve Creatio’s low-code platform tools. It is now possible to integrate SOAP web services automatically. The integration wizard lets users upload a relevant WSDL or XSD file in just a few clicks. Users can select only the necessary web service methods and their parameters. Creatio will set up the web service integration with the corresponding options. The web service call code will be generated automatically based on the uploaded file. 

Working with packages. Improvements include the ability to select multiple objects to bind data to packages, as well as a more convenient format for displaying binding errors that were detected by the system when transferring data between packages. 

Sales, marketing, service and operations automation   

Omnichannel communications. In the newest release a number of improvements were made to reduce the burden on operators working with chats: 

  • It’s now possible to use bot platforms for the initial processing of messages from the Facebook messenger channel. This will help reduce the chat agents’ workload. Should a bot be unable to process a client’s request, the chat will be transferred to an agent, including the client’s bot conversation history.  
  • For better usability, Complete chat and Find similar contacts actions are now displayed as buttons in the open chat. 
  • Added an option to quickly switch between chats. Agents can see all the chats they are currently processing along with the number of messages in each chat at the bottom of an active chat.  

Marketing campaigns. In addition to updating the campaign elements' visual design, we’ve added two new elements to Campaign Designer. The first one - Eliminate duplicates element - analyzes the campaign’s audience according to the rules specified by the administrator and suspends the duplicate participants. Another one - Random split element - randomly moves the participants to different campaign flows. With its help, users can easily set up control groups and groups for A/B testing. 

Product catalog. To simplify working with the product catalog in Financial Services Creatio, we’ve split product and customer features into separate tabs. Users can easily configure both product and customer features in the Parameters lookup. 

Approvals. Managers can now hide notifications for approvals assigned to their subordinates. By default, managers can see these notifications due to the permission hierarchy. This functionality helps to expedite approval requests and reduces time spent managing notifications.