Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are excited to introduce the latest update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements to enhance user experience and accelerate productivity.

The list of key capabilities includes:

Bpm’online portal. Dynamic cases can now be used in portal sections to simplify the collaboration between internal and external bpm’online users. Cases configured in sections of the main application will now be accessible for the portal users. The portal functionality is now available for all bpm’online products - studio, marketing, sales and service.

Bpm’online marketing. Users who leverage the functionality for bulk email, campaign and event management can now set up a new notification, which sends alerts about the remaining licenses for active contacts. In addition, users are now available to filter records by year in the “Marketing Plans” section.

Bpm’online sales. When selecting products for orders or invoices, the product currency will be pulled from the price list without conversion to the base currency. For example, if the base currency is U.S. Dollar, but the product price is specified in Euro in the price list, and the order currency is Euro, the product price will be displayed in Euro in the order.

Core functionality. The latest regular update package also features improvements to simplify data management:

  • When entering text to a lookup field with only one value in the dropdown list, users will be able to select this value by pressing [ENTER].
  • It is possible to create personal tags with the same names for different users.
  • Two-character data indexing for communication options and primary columns was added to the global search functionality. As a result, the global search will now display more accurate results if two-digit phone numbers are used or if account names contain two-letter words.

Development tools. New features are implemented in the Bpmcli command line utility:

  • The “pull-pkg” command enables developers to load a package from the application to a local file system. This enables developers to transfer all changes made by wizards to a local file system for further modifications/registering in the version control system. This command allows developers to get package archives for further distribution to other environments.
  • The “clear-redis-db” command enables users to clear the Redis database, which stores user sessions and cached data. The command can be used in continuous integration scenarios.

The utility and several examples of its use cases are available on GitHub.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.
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