Bpm’online Academy introduces all-new training formats to shrink learning curve and accelerate user adoption


Bpm'online, a global business software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM, today announces completely revamped training programs, covering functionality, configuration and development of bpm’online products.

Bpm’online is always focused on the continuous improvement of bpm’online academy, its materials and educational programs. Implementing best practices of e-learning, bpm’online academy offers a completely new training format - free modular video courses. In addition, guided learning and corporate trainings have been added to the curriculum, which allows for shrinking the learning curve and accelerating user adoption.

Users can benefit from three types of training:

  1. E-learning courses: free interactive online courses to study bpm'online at your own pace
  2. Guided learning: instructor-led online courses with great supervision and support
  3. Corporate training: live training from bpm'online experts tailored individually for your organization

E-learning. Bpm’online users can enjoy seven interactive free online courses. Using educational videos, articles, and links to valuable materials, can get in-depth expertise in bpm’online capabilities in less than a week. The courses cover core topics, including bpm’online basics; bpm’online marketing, sales, service functionality; bpm’online administration and customization; business process management and development on bpm’online platform.

Overall, there are 35 modules, which include educational videos, articles, quizzes, and practical assignments. Between modules, there is a small quiz, and by the end of the course, users can take work through a practical task for practice. The quiz is designed to help users evaluate their current level of skills and determine how well they have understood the module material while practical tasks are aimed at helping users improve their learning experience.

The number of courses and modules will continue to grow – stay tuned!

Guided learning. This training format is coming soon. It will consist of practical tasks from online courses and recommendations for certification preparation. Interactive online instructor-led sessions and Q&A are also a part of the guided learning courses.

Guided learning will consist of several 4-hour sessions. There will be three streams: bpm’online user, bpm’online analyst, and bpm’online developer. Take all of them or select a specific one that best meets your needs!

Corporate training. The following format is applicable to organizations that require individual training tailored to their company specific business requirements. Bpm’online provides organizations with a live instructor-led learning experience that combines theory and practice. Both on-site and online private corporate courses are available - bpm’online has a training option to match any organizational needs. Our new corporate training format enables users to accommodate their schedule and gain relevant skills in a more convenient manner.

Check detailed descriptions of new training formats available on bpm’online academy >>

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Bpm'online is a global business software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide. The mission of bpm’online is to help companies ACCELERATE!
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