Bpm’online introduces major update of bpm'online marketing – improve your conversion rates at each stage of customer interactions


Bpm’online introduces the updated version 7.6 of bpm’online marketing - a holistic multichannel marketing automation platform that ensures the ideal customer journey. The updated version includes a variety of tools to power up digital marketing: from the email template designer and enhanced trigger campaigns that generate automated messages, to analysis of lead pipelines and lead generation channel efficiency.

Easy-to-use email marketing tools
There are a few simple steps to follow when sending a bulk email: define audience, create a template, send emails and analyze results. However, it might take up to 80% of your time to create a good template. Not if you are using bpm’online marketing version 7.6.

The system offers a library of ready-to-use layouts to create custom mass mail templates in a matter of seconds. Select from the pre-set layouts, add your text and images - and the email is ready to be sent.

In addition, bpm’online offers a built-in content designer with full-featured tools for generating and formatting content. Drag and drop pre-defined elements to create simple and eye-catching email templates for your mass mail campaigns.

To test the efficiency of newly created templates you can now run email split testing (A/B testing), sending different email versions to separate segments of your target audience. The system provides comprehensive analytics on the test mailings allowing for the comparison of the test results to determine which of the templates and subject lines worked best. Launching the full campaign based on the most effective combination will help you get the maximum response from your campaigns in the future.

Efficient lead generation
Integrate bpm’online marketing 7.6 with your website landing pages and after each registration on the landing page, leads will flow directly into the system in real time. The system allows for the tracking of lead sources (e.g. Facebook or Google), lead channel (e.g. Social Media or Display ads) as well as the campaign that generated the lead (e.g. new client acquisition campaign). Resulting data can be visualized in dashboards or pre-set reports enabling marketing professionals to easily analyze the efficiency of the campaigns they run and channels they employ.

Consistent lead nurturing
Bpm’online marketing 7.6 contains extended trigger campaign capabilities - tools that help to maintain constant dialogue with your prospects, gradually transforming the lead into an opportunity. As soon as the trigger event happens - e.g. a user fills in a web form on your website - bpm’online launches a trigger campaign through various communication channels according to pre-set scenarios. The system automatically defines best time for each of the campaign steps to ensure the best possible outcome.

Controllable lead pipeline
Marketing is not about raw lead generation – it’s all about generating high-quality leads that result in the maximum number of orders and closed deals. Leverage end-to-end lead pipeline management capabilities in bpm’online marketing to analyze conversion rates by lead generation channels on each stage of working with the lead: from lead capturing to order.

Platform updates: extended omnichannel communication tools, enhanced usability
Bpm’online 7.6 platform features considerable enhancements to omnichannel communication tools and user experience. The new version provides extended Facebook integration capabilities and full support of the new Facebook API. Free video calls between bpm’online users add interactivity to your communications. Extended filtering and tagging capabilities allow users to find necessary data within the matter of seconds. New dashboard widgets give even more possibilities for visual representation of data.

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