Bpm’online marketing 7.5 - a holistic multichannel software platform delivering demand generation excellence.


Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales and service automation, introduces the updated 7.5 version of bpm’online marketing - a holistic multichannel marketing automation software platform. The system provides extended tools for building personalized communication strategies based on customer needs and preferences.

Marketing campaign management

The heart of the campaign management functionality is the simple to use yet highly capable visual campaign designer. Plan the sequence of steps in a campaign and define rules for transition between the steps, indicate a target audience and define criteria to measure goals – and your campaign is ready to be launched! The system will automate the communication process with each customer, guiding your target audience step-by-step towards the goal. In real time, you can track the audience reached, the number of new leads and changes in customer preferences.

History of customer behavior

By keeping track of all customer activities, you will be able to analyze their behavior patterns, get detailed information about their preferences and approach their needs in the most efficient way until they become ‘sales-ready’. Bpm’online marketing provides all the necessary tools to keep the most complete and up-to-date information about each customer, including statistics on their activity on your website, and the history of all orders. Using UTM tracking codes enables marketing specialists to get to know sources of each visit to the website, estimate various campaigns’ efficiency. All this data gives marketers great tools for segmenting customer database taking into account customer needs and preferences, as well as choosing the best time and channel for further communications.

The updated version of the bpm’online marketing application inherits all the benefits and innovations of bpm’online 7.5 platform, not only providing new capabilities to end users, but also significantly facilitating the work of business analysts and system administrators.

Companies can take advantage of the 14-day trial for an unlimited number of users to get familiar with the product completely free of charge. Upon completion of the 14-day free trial period users can prolong their subscription to bpm’online marketing and continue working with their data and settings.

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