Bpm’online XRM 7.3 – eXtended CRM Solution for Smart Project Management and Case Processing


Bpm’online, a global provider of CRM and BPM solutions, today has announced the release of 7.3 version of bpm’online XRM, which is an extended version of CRM solution enriched with smart tools for project management and case processing.

Now users can take advantage of system’s intuitive interface and easily manage projects through their lifecycle – from scoping to post-implementation analysis. In a single engaging interface of bpm’online XRM 7.3 you can easily plan and keep track of each project stage, flexibly manage planned and actual workload, calculate profitability and ROI, etc. A brand new enterprise social networking tool allows discussing important issues right in the system, making it even easier to engage, collaborate, and share experience. Using the ESN feed users can capture and track all project changes without having to move between different sections and without being distracted from their current tasks.

In addition, in bpm’online XRM 7.3 you can capture, process and escalate customer cases, providing an omni-channel customer experience. System’s functionality allows to classify cases by type, status, priority and urgency; assign staff; set deadlines and monitor resolution progress.

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