CRM Watchlist 2014 Winners Review: “BPMonline Has Become More of an Impact Player”


BPMonline, the world’s fastest growing vendor of CRM + BPM cloud solutions, for the third year running has been recognized as the one that impacts the CRM market, as it was mentioned in Paul Greenberg’s review for CRM Watchlist 2014, published on

It has become a good tradition to stay under CRM industry most prominent thought leader’s vigilant eye. The 2014 is not an exception as highlighted in Paul Greenberg’s recently issued review. Paul describes BPMonline as a company that ‘has grown, become more of an impact player, and continues to develop what has become a superior product’.

Greenberg emphasizes BPMonline is one of the companies that sits at the top of the value chain, smart about what they do and effective in their approach. Speaking about process-based BPMonline CRM Paul Greenberg pays special attention to what was the major achievement of the 2013 – introduction of BPMonline 7.x platform with completely redesigned user interface.

“They addressed the user experience, which is a combination of look and feel, navigation, and ease of use. The result was a great, very simplified, attractive interface,” says Paul in his review.

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