Exclusive Video Interview Series with CRM Thought Leader Paul Greenberg


BPMonline, global expert in customer relations and business process management, is featuring an exclusive series of short video interviews with Paul Greenberg, CRM industry thought leader and the author of the best-selling ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’.

The trilogy features three major topics in the world of modern CRM technologies: how introducing business process management (BPM) to CRM can help to use information more efficiently; what Social CRM can do to enhance business relationship’ and why customer experience becomes the core of what CRM can provide. Being experienced speaker, Paul shares his knowledge and observations in a very attractive way, which makes interviews interesting and clear for both, CRM experts and those who by any manner of means involved in customer strategies.

In these interviews Paul Greenberg explains how to handle the ever growing amount of data and what are the steps to the implementation of process-driven CRM application. Paul speaks about the growing popularity of Social CRM technologies, predictive analytics and other core capabilities that the next-generation CRM systems are to have. You will also find out about the key CRM trends and innovations that provide real business value, being a meaningful tool for controlling and shaping the Customer Experience.

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