AutoMatrix Dealer Software Takes a New Turn in Business Processes Management with Creatio

March 04, 2020

AutoMatrix Dealer Software is a cutting-edge technology provider for independent used car dealers across the US. Devoted to boosting its customers’ success, the company offers a range of advanced end-to-end dealer management software (DMS) solutions, from inventory management and payroll systems to dynamic reporting, accounting and service shop operations management.

As a software provider, the company was determined to build a tech-savvy mindset in the car dealership industry and set an example of business excellence through technological innovations for its customers. With this in mind, AutoMatrix started searching for an intelligent BPM and CRM system to optimize both its internal and customer-facing processes.

Apart from the platform’s rich functionality, the key factors for choosing Creatio were the system’s high agility and usability.

AutoMatrix Dealer Software Takes a New Turn in Business Processes Management with Creatio

The company opted for Creatio because of its robust low-code, process automation and CRM capabilities. AutoMatrix was able to overhaul its customer service and raise the bar of its case processing standards. “Creatio has empowered us to bring the same level of efficiency to our internal processes that we offer to our clients,” says Bob Anasori, Chief Operating Officer at AutoMatrix Dealer Software. From advanced lead processing to optimized call queue management, Creatio provided AutoMatrix Dealer Software with top-notch solutions for improved business efficiency.

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