Creatio Offers a Complimentary Copy of Gartner Report “Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Create a Resilient Innovation Funding Model”

Creatio Offers a Complimentary Copy of Gartner Report

Creatio (formerly bpm’online) has always been committed to helping organizations increase their agility and accelerate operations. Now many businesses have added strengthening resilience and increasing investments into innovation to their objectives due to the pandemic outbreak, economic recession, and the urge to respond to change. Today, Creatio is offering a complimentary copy of the Gartner report “Disrupting traditional approaches to create a resilient innovation funding model” to help digital leaders get practical recommendations on how to set up investing priorities and ensure that their company remains agile.

The report offered by Creatio shares helpful insights on these topics and provides readers with Gartner analysts’ perspectives on the current state of the industry: "CIOs leading innovation can use this guide to develop foundational and flexible approaches for funding innovation to increase agility and growth, while balancing financial expectations in every market situation."

Creatio’s mission is to help companies accelerate by providing a platform to automate their business ideas faster and easier. The company believes that adopting cutting edge technologies is key to being able to adapt quickly and prevent disruption in the fast-paced world of business, in which sudden change is the new normal. Based on Creatio’s understanding, the Gartner report provides insights on how to thrive in a disruptive market and keep innovating during a business crisis or a downturn.   

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Gartner, Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Create a Resilient Innovation Funding Model, Michelle Bazargan, Galliopi Demetriou, Jackie Fenn, Published 1 April 2020