Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are happy to announce a new update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The most essential updates include:

  • Predictive scoring. The functionality of predictive scoring was significantly improved and now users can more accurately prioritize their opportunities. Out-of-the-box scoring model automatically identifies the probability of a successful deal closure by analyzing all the information on the current record, and historical data on previously closed deals.
  • Campaign management. It’s now much easier to manage campaigns with the help of a brand new [Exit from campaign] element. The upgraded campaign page layout enables to easily analyze the conversion rate between various campaign stages as well as effortlessly identify campaign bottlenecks. The updated page now displays:
    • the total number of campaign participants as well as the number of participants who reached the target;
    • campaign scheme in the reading mode, displaying the number of participants for each campaign step; users are also able to instantly access the campaign designer right from the campaign page;
    • the list of related entities used to build the campaign (bulk emails, landings, events, contact groups, etc.);
    • the button that enables users to view the detailed progress of each campaign step in the campaign log.
  • Email marketing. The latest release enables users to deeply personalize email templates thanks to the ability to use macros in the email subject, which allows, for instance, for adding the recipient’s name in the email subject. In addition, the content designer now provides the capability to customize text, which is displayed for the recipient as a preview, instead of the first three email content lines (email pre-headers).
  • Integrations. The integration of bpm’online with third-party systems through web services has become even easier. From now on, users can configure the integration by simply specifying the complete web service call address, and bpm’online will automatically populate the method address and a set of method parameters. Moreover, with the newest update, bpm’online users are able to manage the “required” property of the [Call web service] element parameters.
  • Business process management. New business process capabilities enable the instant selection of multiple process instances in the process log and cancel their execution.
  • Data management. Users can now effortlessly make a static group based on the dynamic group data. This feature is available in every section that contains both types of groups.

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