Bpm’online platform major update – delivering further flexibility with new extended customization tools


Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-drive cloud-based CRM software, is proud to announce the latest major update of its premier platform. Bpm’online 7.5 delivers unparalleled customization capabilities, allowing users to literally ‘modify everything’ in the system.

System designer

The easy-to-use system designer combines all customization and administrative features of the bpm’online platform. The system designer page consists of the following sections:

  • Processes: tools for business process design and monitoring.
  • Users and administration: updated tools for creating and assigning user roles, granting or limiting access rights and auditing system operations.
  • Import and integration: Excel data import wizard, LDAP synchronization, web-to-lead form setup.
  • System customization: user wizards for system configuration, including section wizard, detail wizard and mobile application wizard; updated interface for managing lookups.
  • Workplaces and interface customization: tools for the customization of workplaces structure; capabilities to personalize the system by adding your company's logo and applying corporate color scheme.
  • Tools for developers: advanced set of tools for business applications development on bpm’online platform.

Mobile application wizard

One of the most important features of bpm’online 7.5 is a mobile application wizard. Once you create new system sections or change existing ones, use the wizard to easily adapt the interface of the bpm’online mobile application.

The wizard includes logically organized steps – from choosing the section and list setup, to configuring a record page. The wizard uses the most up to date structure of the application, which is why, having added a new section to bpm’online, you can easily include it in the mobile version as well. With the help of the wizard you can also hide sections that are rarely used or configure existing sections.

User tools for section customization

The Details Wizard can be used whenever you need to add a new detail to one of the system’s sections. The wizard allows adding new fields and configuring the structure of existing or new details. You can easily plug in the new Detail to one of the system’s sections using the Section wizard.

User roles and access rights administration

Administrators of the bpm’online application will love the updated interface and extended capabilities of version 7.5. User roles and access rights can be managed based on the internal structure of the organization, as well as employees’ position within this structure and functional roles of the users. The structure of user groups is presented from two angles: as a company structure (business units, departments or groups), and as a hierarchy of typical roles. Setting equivalent access rights for different departments can be easily handled by defining access rights for a specific role and linking the role to the relevant departments.

Updates in the collaboration tools

Not only has the design of communication panel been significantly improved in bpm’online 7.5, but new features have been added. These included availability indicators (i.e. available, busy, etc.), possibilities to tag other users in the post (tagged users will automatically receive notification) and the ability to change channel’s colors for better visual representation of posts in the Feed.

System’s Main page

The starting point of the system, the Main page of the application, has been updated and enhanced. In addition to the navigation the page delivers links to various resources, including educational videos, links to mobile application download (Google Play or App Store), bpm’online community and social media profiles.
The new Main page is designed to make the work with the system easy and engaging for both new users and the ones who have been using the system for years.

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