Ultimate CX becomes a trusted bpm’online partner in the USA


Bpm’online, a world-class vendor of process-driven cloud based software for sales, marketing and service automation, is proud to announce the start of partnership with Ultimate CX. Continuing its North American expansion bpm’online joins forces with Ultimate CX, a team of customer experience and CRM software experts focused on business process improvement and delivering best-in-class technologies to organizations across North America.

For over 25 years the Ultimate CX team has been helping organizations improve the customer experience using various CRM software products. Since the early 1990s experts at Ultimate CX have been helping manufacturers, energy production companies, hospitals and health networks, pharmaceutical companies and medical providers, technology companies, providers of business services, and virtually every type of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organization create ultimate customer experiences. Cumulatively the company’s experts delivered over 1,000 projects.

The partnership with bpm’online enables Ultimate CX to align strategically with a visionary CRM software vendor, a technology leader, who brings to the market a revolutionary next-generation customer relationship management (CRM) software technology. The beauty of the bpm’online platform is the robust business process management engine to manage processes of any complexity. In addition, bpm’online products include out-of-the-box reference processes for sales, marketing and service, which make it easy for companies to jump start using the system and bring industry best practices to their work.

The combined vision, mission, expertise, and capabilities of Ultimate CX and bpm’online position both companies to revolutionize the CRM software market throughout North America. Unlike traditional CRM software products that focus on forms and fields instead of the underlying processes, bpm’online focuses on business processes and best practices to present forms and fields within the context of the current step inside of the business process being executed. This makes bpm’online unique in the CRM software market today.

About Ultimate CX:
Ultimate CX is a North American certified partner and reseller of bpm’online – the vendor of next generation CRM software powered by business processes. Ultimate CX, a team of experienced CRM software experts focused on business process improvement, helps organizations turn customer journeys into ultimate customer experiences that transform customers into loyal brand advocates and passionate brand evangelists.

For more information, visit: ultimatecx.com