CRM Idol Launches the Official Contest Website


BPMonline is thrilled to announce the CRM Idol website is live. The website is the source for all updates on the contest. Each of the 60 contestants has its own page on CRM Idol website featuring product and company highlights, latest videos, Twitter stream, etc. According to CRM Idol many more updates coming soon including social features and community.

BPMonline qualified for the first CRM Idol competition earlier this May. Launched by Paul Greenberg CRM Idol 2011 is an innovative initiative for CRM and Social CRM companies from Americas and EMEA.

Sixty companies have been chosen to be reviewed by a panel of noted CRM-industry judges but only one will become the CRM Idol 2011. BPMonline is honored to be one of the 20 EMEA companies to participate in the contest. Visit our page on CRM Idol website to support us in the contest.