BPMonline CRM Features Training Announced


BPMonline invite you to take part in the BPMonline CRM Features Training on May 24, 10 am GMT.

BPMonline CRM solution can allow organizations build first-class relationships with their customers, drive more sales, improve marketing effectiveness, deliver outstanding service, and monitor business processes. The BPM module provides a powerful set of tools for process design with automation and analysis fully integrated with the CRM solution. The BPM module uses BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation), the world standard for business notation. This means that processes designed in the solution are easily accessable and comprehesible for business users and IT staff.

The 2-day training provides attendees with detailed information about BPMonline CRM features and capabilities. The training time is perfectly balanced for both theoretical issues and practical lessons.

To sing up for the training please contact info@bpmonline.com.