Bpm’online introduces 6 new solutions and updates on bpm’online marketplace


We are thrilled to announce 6 new solutions and updates on bpm’online marketplace, a unified ecosystem of ready-to-use apps, vertical solutions and templates.

Leverage the comprehensive tools to enhance efficiency of your day-to-day operations, generate more leads, increase customer loyalty and delight:

PieSync connector for bpm'online
A powerful bi-directional synchronization tool that allows for seamless lead and contact synchronization. Share data at the early stages of the customer’s lifecycle by automatically synchronizing contact details and leads across other apps using PieSync connector.

Influ2 connector for bpm'online 
An innovative tool for bpm’online that connects the system to a pioneering person-based marketing platform powered by machine learning technologies. Engage with new customers, attract high-quality traffic to your website and automatically transfer new leads to bpm’online.

WordPress landing pages connector 
An easy-to-use connector that allows users to automatically transfer the submissions from custom WordPress landing pages to bpm'online. This enables users to easily create leads, products and services orders, and track event registrations on the landing pages.

MailChimp Connector for bpm'online
A practical tool designed to set up seamless integration with one of the world’s most popular email marketing providers – MailChimp. Connect your bpm’online system directly to MailChimp with bi-directional synchronization to improve the efficiency of your marketing activities.

FedEx Connector for bpm'online 
A powerful tool for bpm’online that greatly simplifies managing shipments through FedEx multinational courier delivery services company. The customers’ fedex shipment information can easily be synced with bpm’online to accelerate the deliveries!

SurveyMonkey  Connector for bpm'online 
Advanced survey management tool designed to help users create and send professional surveys to target audiences, analyze new trends and gather actionable insight by automatically transferring the data to bpm'online.

Check the full list of application on the bpm’online marketplace.