Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are happy to introduce a new update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements to accelerate productivity, streamline decision-making and enhance user experience.

The most essential updates include:

Predictive data analysis. We continue developing the system’s intelligent capabilities to accelerate productivity and streamline decision-making. Thanks to a new algorithm of automatically predicted numeric values, users can take advantage of Machine Learning models to determine sales amount, estimate case processing time or predict any other value based on object characteristics obtained from the historical data.

Data management. The new version offers numerous enhancements to optimize data management:

  • It is now possible, via the command line, to choose sections where data will be searched. You can enable/disable indexing for specific sections in the Section Wizard.
  • Tools for deduplication were enhanced for higher system performance.
  • You can now run data import directly from a section, lookup or detail via the Actions menu. The import objects are specified automatically, while you can use various values for Boolean fields with such supported formats as: True/False; Yes/No; 1/0; +/-; Y/N.
  • The timeline now displays new contracts, documents and products linked to a customer to provide users with a complete overview of the customer/account communication history.

UX enhancements. The new release offers a series of upgrades to enhance user experience. It is now possible to extend the working area of the email while working with large emails. In addition, we have added a number of “hot keys”. For example, switching between activities in the schedule using the Tab button, changing the task duration with the combination of “Shift+Up” or “Shift+Down” and many more.

Business processes. The process designer now features the ability to process collections of records with the Call Web Service element.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes >>

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