Highlights and top take-aways from bpm’online Networking Day in Boston, MA


BOSTON, MA, April 17, 2015 – Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales and service automation, hosted bpm’online Networking Day in Boston, MA on April 10, 2015. The one-day fast-paced event brought together CRM integrators, users, industry experts and bpm’online community marking a new milestone in the company’s expansion into North America.

The event started with a warm welcome from Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Co-founder of bpm'online and Michael Rooney, SVP & General Manager at bpm’online in North America, who opened the day with the Keynote presentation, centered on the driving forces that propel bpm’online company, business, and products forward.

The interactive activities included an Intro and Networking session, followed by a presentation on “The Art of process-driven CRM” which was conveyed through a life case scenario that illustrated how businesses can manage the entire customer journey from lead generation to order, to ongoing account maintenance leveraging the extensive bpm’online product portfolio. The large growth in mobile and social platforms across industries have triggered dramatic change in consumer behavior so new approaches to managing customer-facing processes are needed. The synergy of marketing, sales and service applications on one platform aids companies in delivering a consistent customer experience at every point of customer interactions.

The most anticipated session of the day, Paul Greenberg’s speech on “The Future of CRM”, aroused great interest from the industry’s brightest minds, who showered the “Godfather of CRM” with questions following the presentation and continuing during the Panel discussion where Mr. Greenberg took a seat as one of the expert panelists. The live online poll that was taken during the Panel discussion added a bit of a spice to already engaging interaction.

The event concluded with the presentation centered on bpm’online partner-driven strategy and unique partner program, which presents outstanding opportunities for building a sustainable business in the cloud era.

“We would like to thank everyone who took time from their busy schedules to join us for a day full of interesting discussions, valuable business tips and innovative ideas”, said Michael Rooney, SVP & General Manager at bpm’online in North America. “The enthusiasm, vigor and passion that sparkled the exchange of opinions filled the State room with energy that will inspire us for many months to come.”

The bpm’online Networking Day was a genuinely open discussion where attendees crowdsourced the subjects of conversations, which empowered guests to indulge in topics they were most interested in.

Bpm’online Networking Day presentations and materials are available online at: http://d8.bpmonline.com/networking-day-presentation

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Bpm’online is a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales, and service automation. The beauty and core value of bpm’online products are the out-of-the-box processes that guide users through the most effective actions to accelerate results. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with its social look and feel, free from redundant information that allows them to focus on what’s most relevant. Today, the company employs 500+ experts and serves over 6,000 customers worldwide.

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