Bpm’online opens new office in Australia

February 05, 2016

Bpm’online is widening its horizons and expanding its global presence by opening a new office in Canberra, Australia. The new office will serve as a hub for new business development as well as provide opportunities for enhanced and personalized customer relations with bpm’online’s clients in the Australia and Oceania region.

The new office, located right in the heart of Canberra, is an exciting opportunity for bpm’online to offer its innovative CRM solutions for marketing, sales and service to the Australian market, which is very receptive to sophisticated process-driven technologies. Process-driven CRM systems have become one of the most needed functions in businesses, largely due to the headwinds created by trends such as big data & analytics, digital, mobile and social media, as well as the pressure to be able to serve customers in the omnichannel communication environment. With its best of breed technologies for process-driven CRM, bpm’online serves as the central hub for customer data across a broad array of key business processes aligning crucial information on a single platform.

Bpm’online views Canberra as a vibrant market with a strong pool of talent. The growing Canberra’s team will become a part of the global bpm’online family of top-notch professionals who work tirelessly so more businesses worldwide have a chance to experience first-hand all of the benefits that come from top-tier CRM products.

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