Bpm’online announces 6 new solutions on bpm’online marketplace


We are excited to announce 6 all-new solutions on bpm’online marketplace, a unified ecosystem of ready-to-use apps, vertical solutions and templates.

Check out these 6 new apps that help accelerate productivity by extending bpm’online capabilities:

Survey management for bpm’online
Survey and questionnaire management app facilitates storing and managing information about polls, surveys and questionnaires in bpm’online. Assessing customer satisfaction level, carrying out internal HR surveys or managing a sales survey is now easier than ever with this useful app!

Google Forms connector for bpm’online
Connector to Google Forms, another great tool available on the marketplace for creating different types of surveys, online tests, events registration and other web-forms. Transfer the responses to standard and custom bpm’online system objects. Automatically create leads in bpm’online from the response or track registrations for the event with no effort.

Slack connector for bpm’online
Slack connector is a comprehensive integration of the bpm’online platform with Slack, one of the most popular collaboration tools for internal corporate communications. Plan activities, assign tasks to your team members and work with the bpm’online sections and objects directly from the Slack chat using special commands.

Bpm’online service enterprise ITSM
Bpm’online service enterprise ITSM extends the capabilities of the bpm’online service enterprise in managing incidents, service requests and problems according to ITIL. Bring your customer support to a whole new level and make your customers happy!

Printable email attachments for bpm’online
This add-on allows for sending emails generated from templates and attaching printables in PDF format. Apply it to any recurring email, for example, if you need to send monthly invoices or weekly reports and save time and energy automating the routine.

Records color highlighting for bpm’online
The Records color highlighting for bpm’online facilitates navigation through records in bpm’online sections focusing user’s attention on relevant entries highlighted upon preconfigured rules. The add-on is available for lookups in all bpm’online sections. It allows for configuring highlighting rules using one lookup and wide color palette.

Check the full list of applications on the bpm’online marketplace.