A new update package for bpm’online


In advance of the bpm’online 7.10 release, we are proud to announce the culminating update package for bpm’online products.

The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period.

The key enhancements and improvements include:

Working with the customer database. The new release features intelligent tools for enriching contact information using data from incoming emails. Now, when receiving an email, users will be able to create a new contact or update an existing contact profile in just one click.

Global search. The new update package includes the global search function across all bpm’online sections to simplify the process of working with big volumes of data. For instance, this will help users find a client by an additional phone number or payment details. Global search is run directly from the command line, and all search queries are processed taking into account morphology and possible typos.

Business processes. It has also become easier to modify existing business processes due to the support of processes versioning. Users can now choose to save changes as a new version of the process and easily switch between different business process versions.

Case management. The new release features the improved case management tools. For example, now users can do the following:

  • Specify a custom sequence of steps for case stages. Now process steps can be launched immediately after changing the process stage or after other steps have been completed.
  • Configure cases in any part of the system, including the new sections created with the wizard.
  • Create several cases for one section, for example, configure different cases of opportunity management for different sales categories.

The [Employees] section. In the new [Employees] section, users can now manage comprehensive information about the changes in the employee’s career history within the company; create new employee onboarding plans and manage other HR activities.

Bpm’online sales. The functionality package for field sales has been enhanced with a new section [Cyclic tasks]. Its goal is to simplify the visit schedule taking into account the route, average duration and the frequency of visits, and the working time of the staff.

Bpm’online service. The latest release features numerous improvements to the system’s service case management capabilities: from registration to closure. For example, bpm’online can now automatically register a new contact from the incoming email, schedule case notifications, close or reopen cases based on the users’ feedback.

Mobile application. The new updated mobile app now features all dashboards available in the [Dashboards] section in the desktop version.

User settings instruments. The latest system update also allows users to set up business rules for system sections. This allows users to display or hide fields, make fields editable or locked, and filter values in lookup fields under specific conditions.

Development tools. The update package accelerates the introduction of changes to the configuration by allowing for application development in the file system without a built-in SVN client. Besides, a simple interface for installing packages on any site was implemented.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.

Read the release notes >>

Please note that starting from 7.10 version, bpm’online introduces the protection from CSRF-attacks when integrating with third-party applications. Please, make the necessary settings according to the instructions provided on the bpm’online Academy website.

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