A new regular update package for bpm’online


We are pleased to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products!

The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period. The new release features more than 50 upgrades and enhancements:

Customer database management tools. As a part of numerous improvements that bpm’online end-users can benefit from, bpm'online continues to improve filtering capabilities, making them simpler and more convenient to use. For instance, disabled filtering conditions and groups of conditions are now displayed as inactive. Also, users are now able to change the width of the folder area. In addition, when using the "≠" condition by lookup column, the result list will display the records with unfilled fields.

Field sales. Visit rules are now automatically defined according to a visit category. Moreover, the new update features SKU monitoring with the ability to enter product prices directly from the mobile app.

Request management. The latest release features a more advanced algorithm of determining the case lifecycle stages. It allows for receiving of a comprehensive case analysis on how long a case has stayed on each stage as well as for how long it was assigned to a specific group of assignees or a support line.

Mobile application. For easier and more secure user administration and authentication in the mobile app, the support of a Web Single Sign-On (WebSSo) has been implemented. Furthermore, the latest update package features the ability to easily link accounts and contacts in feed posts.

Business processes. In order to simplify the work with formulas while designing the business process, an article describing basic rules and examples of formulas has been added to the academy website. When setting up formulas, you can now quickly access this article by clicking a link in the process designer.

Analytics and printables setup. The new update package includes the ability to add checkboxes, as well as not to display the table in the print view if it doesn’t contain any data. At the same time, the charts can now display a separate segment for those records which have empty grouping fields.

Administration tools. It is now possible to get acquainted with the product or deploy a development instance without a license request. The new version offers a demo mode, which can be used without a license but with a limit of 1000 records.

Multiple languages. While we are extending the list of available languages, the latest update package features more powerful multilingual capabilities to help users translate bpm'online interface into different languages faster. Thus, the enhanced ‘Translation‘ section allows for working with advanced filters and folders while the values that do not require localization are now not shown. Besides, the translations can now be imported from an *.xlsx file by using the data import.

Development tools. For a more convenient development process, the default maximum permissible length of object names has been extended from 30 to 128 characters. Now, users can use an SVN without making changes to the configuration settings or calling the support team. The update package enables mobile app developers to switch to the developer’s mode and test new features on a released mobile app version. So, it is not obligatory to deploy a debug version of the mobile app to test new features.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.

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