Creatio CRM Legal. Legal Practice Management Revamped

Deploy an integrated all-in-one solution to run all operations:

  • Enhance efficiency of fee-earners
  • Deploy smart case & matter management tools to warrant profitability
  • Implement advanced time recording & billing
  • Organize all documents in a single stream
  • Take your client relationships to the next level
  • Ensure efficient sales management
  • Implement a joined-up approach to business process management
  • Obtain sophisticated analytics for reliable and informed decisions

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Creatio CRM legal

With an extensive and fast-growing client base and robust case portfolios, many law firms are now seeking a legal practice management solution that would consolidate client data; help the firm acquire, retain and manage clients more efficiently; automate the process of case management and billing.

Creatio CRM legal is a complete and process-based solution that offers front & back-office business tools to help law firms fully manage their entire practice.

Thanks to Creatio outlook connector, your lawyers and advisors do not need to learn another new interface – they can comfortably work in their familiar program; work offline and seamlessly integrate with Outlook’s built-in functionality. Eliminate data duplication whilst maintaining the integrity of your data.

All-in-one Solution to Run a Smooth and Profitable Practice

Creatio CRM legal has been designed to meet the specific needs of the industry:

Practice management

  • Enjoy intuitive interface for fast and efficient operation – advisors and office staff will focus on matters and clients, not forms and reports
  • Consolidate the management of client and matter data
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Google services to get all that you need in a single system
  • See reminders for time-sensitive or overdue tasks, and track progress of objectives
  • Get an auto-time stamp when completing workflow activities
  • Track KPIs in a single dashboard – revenue per consultant, per department, per service etc.
  • Relish a 360-degree view of your company efficiency on a consolidated dashboard
  • Summarize all activities and analyse data to aid strategic and operational decisions

Financial Management

  • Automatic and manual time recordings fully capture billable time, whilst all events of case management are auto-time stamped.
  • Job costs calculated based on employee internal and external rates and appropriate services are charged to the client; this avoids non-billable time
  • Easily manage client current balance: credit/debit on fee & time
  • Invoices created considering additional costs incurred on the scope of services provided
  • Organize billing for compliance contracts, fixed fees, hourly charged services just as efficiently
  • Access real-time data on financial performance, generate reports on employee tasks with amounts and financial results

Case & Matter Management

  • All of your case & matter data managed in one place
  • Manage workload distribution and task delegation
  • Gather information on time worked or billed, associated legal advisers and their rates
  • Get notifications on due dates, important events
  • Track budgets and accompanying invoices of every legal matter
  • Leverage role-based access to matters, documents, emails, sensitive claims information, financial data, etc.

Document Management

  • Set up a unified repository for improved control and management of documents
  • Create template documents, populate with personalized details (ex: name of client etc.) and email the client directly from the system
  • Organize document categories in a tree-like structure, use the Quick Search for the document or template you need
  • Archive all document versions to control content throughout its lifecycle
  • Automate multi-tier review and approval process to maintain document accuracy and timely provision
  • Enhance collaboration and share knowledge across the firm

CRM, Sales & Marketing Management

  • Collect vital client data via multiple channels: email, phone, website, social networks
  • Access client key data with just a mouse click: contact info, mutual connections, matters handled by the firm, interaction history, upcoming meetings, etc.
  • Use multiple criteria to segment clients
  • Plan and launch targeted marketing campaigns and PR activities
  • Track and record entire sales process from lead source, to appointment and to sale
  • Expand opportunities for cross sales
  • Improve profitability by focusing especially on the most profitable clients

Business Process Management

  • Seamlessly manage all the client-facing processes and back-office tasks
  • Design processes using an intuitive graphical designer and execute to streamline legal service delivery
  • Automate day-to-day work, focus on clients instead of routine
  • Facilitate internal communications
  • Continuously improve processes, be pragmatic to changes in working patterns and gain competitive advantage

Under the Hood

Your employees will enjoy Creatio CRM legal; it’s an intuitive web interface that allows them to undertake their work anywhere. What’s more, easily self-customize the system with configuration tools and enable your firm meet the ever-evolving business needs.

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