New release of BPMonline 7.2 brings security and business process management to the new level


BPMonline, a leading global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions, today has released a new version 7.2 of its revolutionary next-generation platform BPMonline. New features incorporated in BPMonline CRM 7.2 provide greater flexibility of business process management and tightened control over data security. Users will enjoy even greater usability of the system — the new release comes with extended workspace customization tools and customizable data views.

Business Process Management

BPMonline CRM 7.2 enables process version control. This mechanism prevents the potential risks associated with the changes applied to business processes that already run. The edits made to the process diagram can be applied to all running processes, or only to those that will be launched after the update. Process log has also been enhanced and now has expanded filtering capabilities, so you can easily find the running processes that are affected by updates of the diagram.

New Process Elements

New elements that have been added enable a business process to change the access rights to records, access web services.
Using new process elements it is easy to assign required access rights to any record in the system. In this case, the parameters of the business process form the logic of the element, specifying particular records, users and groups to provide access rights to.

Another element enables access to web services, thus providing an analyst with an opportunity to develop business processes that require integration with other systems without any coding or help of a programmer.

Document Approval Tools

The latest BPMonline CRM release comes with new tools for document, invoice and sales approval. You can control the approval logic by means of business processes. Using the approval process templates an analyst can quickly and easily adjust the sequence of actions in compliance with the specific approval procedure of your company. Such templates are available in BPMonline CRM 7.2 out-of-the-box.


We know how important data security is for your business. The new version of BPMonline CRM has considerably extended control over system security. A log of operations enables system administrators and information security professionals to track the assignment of access rights to objects, successful and unsuccessful authentication attempts; manage organizational structure, user privileges and roles.

Enhanced tools for password protection enable system administrator to set required password complexity, allowed number of login attempts, and password expiration policy.

User Interface

Engaging interface of BPMonline CRM 7.2 is designed to give user a choice between two types of views — list or tiled view. In addition, the users can choose a workspace with a pre-configured set of modules to save time and be even more productive while working with CRM system.

List View

Tile View

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