Bpm’online Introduces Enterprise Social Network in the Latest Release of bpm’online CRM 7.3


Bpm’online, a leading global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions, today has released a new version 7.3 of its revolutionary next-generation bpm’online CRM platform. With 7.3, the company continues its investment in usability and functionality, making its applications even more intuitive and easy to use, and, at the same time, providing cutting-edge extended CRM functionality. One of the most remarkable features of the new release is an enterprise social network to improve internal communications and increase user engagement.

Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

The new ESN tools enable employees to better engage, collaborate, and share information. It allows users in different departments, business units, and geographies to discuss deals and projects, share best practices, get answers to questions, ‘like’ or comment on posts using a ‘Feed’ section. Separate feeds can be used for each CRM record. Enterprise social network in bpm’online CRM significantly increases employee engagement and productivity enabling them to grow personally and professionally and achieve the best results.

Informational Panel

The new panel includes automatic notifications and reminders on noteworthy events and meetings, updates on approval statuses, and ESN feed. With this panel bpm’online CRM users can obtain essential information without moving between different CRM sections, without being distracted from their current tasks.

Section Wizard

Creating new sections in the system is easy and doesn’t require help of IT staff. Section Wizard provides step-by-step guidance through the process: from inputting the section title up to the design of section interfaces.

Out of the Box Best-practice Processes

Version 7.3 Opportunity Management best-practice processes enable companies to save time and become productive immediately. The process involves nine stages of a sales funnel — from prospect qualification and need analysis to negotiations and contract signing. It provides significantly expanded opportunity management capabilities — plan tactics for each deal, collect more detailed information about key decision makers, and can capture sales executives’ emotions throughout the opportunity management cycle.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange to simplify the processes of synchronizing email, contacts, and tasks between MS Exchange and bpm’online CRM.

Folders and Filters

Working with filters has become even easier with a better visual display of search results. For example, it is possible to work simultaneously with the entire folder area and the content of each folder. At the same time, new release enables applying additional filters to particular records.

Vertical List

Vertical list drives your productivity due to the possibility to display the data you need — a list and a particular page — on a single screen. No need to switch between the pages.

Engaging Interface — Now Even More Refined

Over 100 recommendations of bpm’online CRM users are reflected in the new release. For example, now it is possible to display or hide the Sections panel, the customization page structure has been enhanced. Bpm’online interface automatically adapts to different screen resolutions, allowing a user to customize the workspace according to his preferences.