The most advanced bpm'online ever
BPMonline 5.3 now provides a concurrent licensing option, and this is one the most significant update we’ve made since the first release. Let me make a digression here.
Born to win
Every year CRM Magazine awards companies which in the past year have made a significant impression on the industry.
The winner of the first CRM Idol!
Our glasses are full of champagne because we are celebrating our victory in the CRM Idol contest. What to say? It was a real pleasure to participate in this contest.
Seven deadly sins of CRM adoption
Despite the relative maturity of the CRM industry, ratio of successful implementations is quite low.
Customer experience and service
On Hold
According to Newsweek “Of all the depressing statistics about a lifetime of consumer existence, this may be the most distressing: each of us is destined to spend roughly 1.2 years on hold”.
Two points in favor of bpm'online
My latest Internet-surfing has led me to two interesting posts of CRM and BPM gurus. Managing Processes and Relationships BPM and CRM vendors are moving toward integration of their products.
SCRM Conference. Day II
The second day was rich in information. There were 3 main speakers: Dr. Jeff Tanner with his Social Marketing speech Mr.
SCRM Conference. Day I
At September 15 and 16 social media gurus conducted Social CRM training. The training venue is one of SAP offices, they have excellent balcony with a gorgeous view of the Valley. Mr.
CRM Idol. First Impressions
All of colleagues that are involved in CRM Idol contest can feel relief because today we’ve got hyper-positive judge’s review of BPMonline CRM! Yeehaa!
IT and Tech
How to enable popup windows
BPMonline CRM uses popup windows to display detailed information in a separate window. E.g. popup windows are used to display cards.
Release of bpm'online CRM 5.1
Our developers finally can take break and open a cold one to celebrate the release of BPMonline CRM 5.1.