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What's new in bpm'online 7.7

The new BPM engine and user interface

Change business processes in the CRM faster than ever with the new cloud BPM engine

With the latest version 7.7, bpm’online introduces a new business process management (BPM) engine, which supports runtime process evolution. Modify processes in the middle of an action!

The new BPM engine and user interface provides the agility to change processes faster than ever. The installation of Silverlight is not required, so users can work with bpm’online in any browser.

Gain unprecedented agility. There are no interruptions the user when a process needs to be updated. This helps with process modification and testing in response to the immediate needs of the business, on the fly and in the cloud.

Revolutionary UI and UX of bpm’online mobile app

Take advantage of the enhanced bpm'online mobile application

With the newest release, bpm’online’s mobile app interface becomes even more engaging. Leverage the improved mobile app to get access to critical data in your CRM anytime, anywhere.

The completely updated UI and UX of the application bring new flexibility and access to users with a set of quick keys, one-touch record creation and simplified data editing.

Profile completeness

Know your customers!

Don’t miss a single detail when communicating with customers. The updated version of bpm'online offers an intelligent mechanism that enables you to add weights to client characteristics (variables) and evaluate the completeness of a contact, account, or deal profile.

Visual dashboards inform reps about data insufficiency for important clients or deals, and managers receive reports on segments that are at a risk because of a lack of information.

Updated data import from Excel

Import your data in one easy step

With the new release, bpm’online offers enhanced tools for importing data from Excel. Simply select the file on your computer and specify the section where you want to upload new data.

Bpm’online 7.7 also provides improved column mapping tools for user convenience.

New data deduplication tools

Keep your database up to date

Bpm’online 7.7 offers a completely updated mechanism to simplify data searches and eliminate duplicates in contacts, accounts and leads. These tools will help you keep your database clean and up to date, enabling you to improve your communications with customers.

When working with search results, you can merge duplicates and save the entire history of interaction, or exclude similar records from search results. During a search, the system takes into account the different formats of names, phone numbers and websites so that when records are merged, identical communications options are not duplicated.

Simplified MS Exchange and Gmail synchronization

Email synchronization in 3 clicks

Bpm’online 7.7 offers updated email synchronization via IMAP protocol, and simplified synchronization of your MS Exchange and Gmail contacts and calendars to instantly start working with your CRM and obtain a 360-degree customer view.

Automatic integration with Google enables the user to instantly start working with their contacts, emails and calendar. The administrator can also set up user or group rights to import / export contacts.

The updated system enables you to synchronize both personal and group tasks, as well as all communications options for connected contacts. A manager can export a meeting into Google and it will appear in the customer’s calendar. As soon as the meeting is confirmed, the status will be shown in bpm’online 7.7.

The system also provides updated tools to set up integration with MS Exchange in the cloud. Now, all data will always be on hand.

Updated user hints and a unified notification center

Let our CRM system become your biggest time saver

For convenience, all notifications are now gathered in a unified notification center and functional tabs help you stay organized in the stream of notifications and find the necessary one.

Updated hints on the main page help you get to know the system better and faster, and tooltips show up whenever you hover over system elements. Also, when hovering over an account or a contact, a mini-record pops up with a summary of the record. By clicking on it, the user goes to the account or contact page for more detailed information.

If you need further information, you can go to the bpm’online academy or contact technical support directly from the notification center.

New capabilities of bpm'online marketing 7.7

  • Capturing your prospects’ website journeys in your CRM

    Understanding customer interests and needs is essential to organizing individual communications with every prospect. Bpm’online marketing has the most informative tool for comprehensive data capturing – website visitors’ behavior tracking.
    The system allows for customization of the list of monitored events and collects all required information about website visitor activities. Bpm’online marketing also tracks link clicks, button clicks, page views and other actions indicating visitor interest in a particular website topic, category or product.
    After each registration on the landing page, information about the visitor’s website behavior flows directly into bpm’online marketing and is displayed in contact and lead profiles. Track the customer journey before registration and estimate lead generation channel effectiveness. In addition, website activity history can be used to build customer segments based on their behavior and interests.

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  • Motivate customers to make the purchase

    Use advanced trigger email campaigns to nurture your leads. The new release of bpm’online marketing has notably extended capabilities of this outbound marketing tool.
    Any action on a website can be assigned as a starting point for a trigger campaign launch: registration, page view, product search and comparison, abandoned cart, etc. To set up the launch conditions for a campaign targeting a specific customer segment just configure the segment filters and indicate this segment as the campaign audience. As soon as a contact gets into the right segment, the system pulls the trigger and the campaign starts.

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New capabilities of bpm'online sales 7.7

  • Take advantage of enhanced features for B2C businesses

    An updated version of bpm'online sales enables companies to close more deals without losing a single customer. The system offers capabilities to manage long sales to a contact, not an account, as well as tools to convert leads into orders with just one click. In case of order cancellation, the lead is sent back to the lead distribution stage or further nurturing.

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  • Pay special attention to lead qualification

    With the new version of bpm’online sales, the process of lead management has become much more convenient. The lead qualification interface is optimized, the system offers advanced tools for lead deduplication. The system will automatically analyze the existing contacts, accounts and leads for potential duplicates. This data helps you make informed decisions about lead qualification or disqualification of invalid entries. The result of the qualification is a new contact, as well as lead conversion to the next stage of the process.

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New capabilities of bpm'online service 7.7

  • Efficient case management across all communications channels

    The enhanced Cases section helps users to quickly handle a variety of incidents and other service requests, without missing any important details while interacting with customers. The updated single-window interface contains a chronological view of all the interactions on the case and case management history collected across multiple channels: email, self-service portal, comments in the feed, agent messages, completed tasks and knowledge base articles. Classification data and case resolution deadlines are displayed in the case profile, providing service agents with a complete view of a case.

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  • Full control for supervisors’ over the efficiency of case management

    Contact center supervisors can now benefit from the extended supervisor workplace capabilities while dealing with a large flow of high-priority tasks. The contact center supervisor has greater insights into agent activities and can flexibly manage their workload by getting complete information on the scope of the work and tracking all request queues in a unified list.
    A set of quick filters will help monitor the status of each queue and agents’ workload. In addition, the supervisor can get involved in the queue processing by working with any case from the queue, revising the quality of resolved cases, returning cases that were not resolved properly hack to their owners, and manually closing cases that do not require processing.

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