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Meet Creatio Copilot

Creatio Copilot is a centralized workspace to configure and deploy GenAI use cases, including use cases for CRM and AI-assisted app development. It will provide users with numerous OOTB use cases for the most popular needs, as well as allow them to create custom GenAI use cases. Creatio Copilot is a seamless part of the Creatio Platform that will provide access to the Power of GenAI across all Creatio Products.

Creatio copilot for CRM users

For CRM users, Creatio Copilot will serve as an indispensable virtual assistant that understands natural language and helps you get things done. Creatio Copilot will be able to generate human-like prompts, suggest needed actions, generate templates, provide narratives based on visuals and data, identify problems, analyze forecasts, and much more!

SALES use cases and capabilities

Extended summary of the opportunity, with scoring and probability analysis

KPIs summary from charts and dashboards

Extended next-best steps that you can review and execute using Creatio Copilot

Full process of creating, reviewing, and summarizing personalized product recommendations for the customer

Email generation with personalized content for the customer

Call transcripts with follow-up actions

MARKETING use cases and capabilities

Audience segment generation with rules, filters, and lookalike audience suggestions for marketing campaigns

Campaign flow design generation

Marketing content generation with layout, text and visuals

Extended summary for lead scoring

Extended lead funnel overview with next best actions

Content localization and translation

SERVICE use cases and capabilities

Case resolution assistance with suggestions for knowledge articles, similar cases, best practices, playbooks, etc.

Extended case routing suggestions with the current status on service agents, case completion timeline assessment, etc.

Summary of sentiment analysis

Real-time assistance with custom service workflow design and optimization

KPI summary and analysis

Knowledge management assistance – topics suggestions, content generation, and recommendations for service agents

Creatio copilot for no-code creators

For no-code creators, Creatio Copilot provides a dedicated workplace to access current GenAI models, develop new use cases, and modify existing ones via no-code. It also helps in the app development process. Creatio Copilot can generate apps based on a narrative, suggest the best no-code components during the development process, assist in designing business processes, and much more!

STUDIO use cases and capabilities

Creatio Copilot Designer workspace to configure and customize Copilot use cases with no-code

Application prototype generation

Workflow design assistance, with real-time suggestions for flow and workflow elements

Converting textual UI/UX requirements and user stories into business rules within the application

Tailored recommendations during the development process based on the context

Data object and lookup field content generation

Issue alerts and performance monitoring

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