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What is customer journey map?

Customer journey map (CJM) is an incredible approach to understanding and providing client with the product or service. It is a guide through the client’s experience with your company. At the same time, it is an excellent optimization tool that will help you eliminate weak spots and obstacles between you and your customer.

In order to start the process of creating CJM you need to set the goals of what you wish to get, research the customer experience or find the bottlenecks of your business process. CJM will not solve all your troubles but it will show you the issue that need to be addressed. The next step is to gather the information about your customers, figure out the main points and feedbacks of your product or service. And final step in preparations is to choose the tool to work with.

Now to the process of creating the customer journey map:

  • Choose the client;
  • Establish the phases of the interaction with the client;
  • Choose the right communication channel;
  • Research the customer experience;
  • Analyze the weak spots and the ways of their optimization;
  • Test and implement the best practices.

And here some digitalized society might ask “Don’t we have a software for that?”

Track your customer journey with bpm’online software

Modern CRM systems are so packed with the functionality suitable for CJM that most people might use them. But not all of them can track the customer journey from the very beginning of their interest in the product to their becoming loyal client. But there is a way bpm’online provides a platform that can support functionality of sales, marketing and service on the same platform, maintaining the same database and preventing any data loss.

So, let us begin with the observation of the client journey within the system.

As we understand, customer journey is the other side of the sales pipeline. Thus, the trip begins at the marketing department. There creative marketers are capturing and nurturing the prospects to pass them to the sales. Tireless sales professionals are doing their best to turn the prospect into the client. After that crucial point, the client becomes the responsibility of the service department that is doing their best to retain the client and provide them with the best experience of their customer life cycle.

Now that we know the milestones, let us go to the stage of defining how the bpm’online system can sustain improvements and needed analysis.

Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to overcome marketing challenges. Explore how to utilize a visual campaign designer in bpm'oline CRM. Reach audiences with the most relevant message on the right channel

Marketing is the starting point to entice the customer. The first point is usually the registration of the client on the website, so here comes in handy the website behavior tracker of the bpm’online that will gather all the information of the client and automatically upload it into the system. It will not stop there but update the information about the interest of the client on your site along the way. In case of the gaps in the client’s information, the smart data enrichment tool will try to cover the missing parts with the information from the open sources. All that information will be available in the single contact database for as long as you need it. That covers our preparation of the CJM.

Establishing the following business phases to client interactions

Business process management

The incredible business process management tool will let you design the process you wish to follow up with every client. The system gives you the opportunity to segment and group the clients according to their needs and target them differently. Providing at the same time high level of personalization capabilities for emailing campaigns not to mention customization capabilities for your own comfort is also available. Plan trigger campaigns and arrange events with the system that will be able to capture every detail and remind you to follow up with the particular client. All the data in the system will be analyzed and given in the understandable form of graphs and tables to check the result of every step.

Sales department

After preparing the prospects with all the information in place the sales department will be on, it is their part to be in the spotlight. With the information already gathered, sales representative has all kinds of communication available in the system to contact the customer – emails, calls, and messages. All of that could be done from the system. Lead, opportunity, product, contract, project management – all that is in their disposal. They can control every interaction and have all the history available with all the documents neatly attached and accounted for. Not to mention field sales capabilities to update from wherever they are. Analytical system is also working on the analysis of every step, showing you the efficiency and checking on the client experience. If that step is successfully done, the newly made customer becomes the responsibility of the service department.

Single contact database

At this stage, it is all about the experience. The single contact database with all the history of previous interactions, omnichannel communication with the customer to assist and solve any issue. Case, request, problem, service level, change and release management will make sure you are on top of your company’s performance ability, solving issues before they even occur. The system prevents the reoccurring issues. As the system keeps the service catalogue with all cases of any trouble logged and solved along with the knowledge database that will help to solve any request in no time. Simple case of finding the solution within a moment.

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So, the system can help you follow the client from the very first contact to becoming the loyal customer. All parts of the platform are working as parts of the same organism, providing the data integrity, purchase history and analytics that is always handy to monitor the efficiency and success rates. At every step of the way, you have highly customizable system that could be attuned to your every wish and designed according to your aesthetic needs.

Try bpm’online and make sure you are providing excellent customer experience!

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