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Closing the deal and making the client put the signature on the designated spot is the best part of the sales representative – it is exhilarating, inspiring and rewarding. However, paperwork is still a buzzkill for most professionals.

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Why do you need CRM with document management?

Along with the digital transformation wave came the solution for that uncomfortable issue – modern technologies with document management functionality. The best way to suit any needs is the system that works together just fine with the CRM that is used for the main purpose of sales department.

Currently, the most burning issues for sales connected with the paperwork are the following:

Draft and complete the proposal

Even though most documents are standard, any default template must be personalized and adjusted to suit the particular deal. At first glance, it seems clear enough but hard accessibility of different templates, issues with every little adjustment, lack of the database to store editions and amendments to the difficult cases – all this make the work tedious and unproductive.

Storage and accessibility of the documents

Management of the stored information is a rather difficult thing especially when we are talking about hundreds and thousands of deals, agreements and contracts and any other type of document. A highly organized system with the possibility to attach the document to the relevant contact or company would significantly shorten the amount of time spent for its search. Easy visibility of the document will allow you to notice small discrepancies and implement the needed adjustments.

Data import

Some systems can offer a possibility of document management storage and that is good but not efficient enough. The possibility to incorporate the data from the CRM system straight into the draft of the document that is the time saver. Capability like that significantly increases the efficiency rate.

Endless approval process

After the document is finally ready and all details were accounted for, it awaits for the lengthy process of the approvement and signature collection. Very few CRM systems can offer you an opportunity to shorten the process, which makes the approval process a real nightmare.

Analysis and improvement process

After all is done, counting on the fact that your prospect did wait long enough to pass through all the procedures, you could analyze the business process of the document preparation. With decent analytical system and if the CRM system allows enough visibility of the business process you might be able to take a critical look on the process as well as establish the drawbacks and find the way to avoid them in the future.

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Benefits of Creatio document management system

Now, let us check the capabilities of Creatio document management system.


A single contact database gives easy management capabilities for storing and retrieving on demand all contracts. It helps to monitor contract details and keep an eye on the history of the amendments. You can create the document manually if the situation require and you have a possibility to create it automatically based on the order form.


You can store the document attaching it to the client, opportunity, lead or contact in order to have it easily available to you. You can also relate the documents to make sure all the contract details were taken into account and mentioned. With Creatio, you can create relationships between the documents to be able to switch from one to another within a click.


Prepare the document within several clicks using the prepared templates and enrich them with the information from the system. Just check afterward if all the details you needed were mentioned and the document is ready for the approval.


Automate the process of approval creating a step-by-step process. The system will run it for you and inform when the document was approved. In this way, you will be able to establish multi-level approvals without delays and drawbacks and run parallel approvals for several documents at the time and the system will keep everything in order.


Creatio analytical system will keep track of the statistical data, providing you with the reports. In this way, you will be able to find the bottlenecks in the processes and eliminate the issue. At the same time, it gives an opportunity to keep track of all the contracts and be reminded if any of them overdue or need some actions to be taken.

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