How to create a low-code company: embracing "everyone a developer" concept‚Äč

Trendsetter session and Live Q&A
40 min
Democratize development: the digital workforce of the future
John Bratincevic
Senior Analyst, Forrester
Practical speech
20 min
A-to-Z guide to embracing a low-code/no-code approach in your company
Alex Petrunenko
Product Evangelist, Creatio
Low-code/no-code spotlight
20 min
–°reating and implementing your workflow automation app in 1 hour
Mike Yudin
Technology Evangelist, Creatio
Fireside chat
40 min
Driving the future of work with low-code and citizen developers
Erik Hale
Sales Enablement Director, Creatio
Alan Joenn
Account Director, Collier Pickard
Aarti Devi
Global Head, Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Application Services, Tata Consultancy Services
Jim Love
CIO and Chief Content Officer, ITWC
Low-code Quiz