How to create a low-code company: rolling out applications in days

Trendsetter session
20 min
How to boost business transformation post Covid-19 & beyond
Naresh Mehta
Head of Digital Transformation Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Tata Consultancy Services
Practical speech
40 min
Enterprise Transformation Project: how to roll out enterprise applications in 12 weeks with the help of low-code technologies
Anastasia Mieshkova
Head of Customer Success, Creatio
Real-life low-code experience
20 min
Rolling out applications in days
Ashwath Narayanan
Senior Consultant & Creatio Practice Manager, PSIOG
Low-code/no-code spotlight
20 min
Ready-to-use apps collection 2021: helping you accelerate low-code development
Kirill Krylov
Technical Trainer, Creatio
Low-code/no-code spotlight
20 min
Low-code chatbots – the fastest way to implement chatbots
Oleg Chaevsky
Founder, Beesender
Low-code Quiz