How to create a low-code company: aligning people, processes and technologies ​​

Trendsetter session
20 min
Low-code powered future: your virtual tour around digital-first organizations
Michael Doukhan
Sales Director, Americas, Creatio
Practical speech
20 min
Aligning people and technologies to drive better end-user experience
Melissa Jurkoic
Chief Customer Experience Officer, Addapptation
Practical speech
20 min
Using AI-powered low-code platform to boost your teams and processes efficiency
Alex Petrunenko
Product Evangelist, Creatio
Real-life low-code experience
20 min
How low-code technologies help accelerate alignment across organizations
Nels Yehnert
Data & Analytics Associate, Ivy Ventures
Real-life low-code experience
20 min
How Saskatchewan Blue Cross fully transformed their business processes and increased employee performance by 25% with low-code technology
Sebastian Forget
President & Owner, Solution Metrix
Low-code/no-code spotlight
20 min
How low-code and AI helps to improve customer experience by aligning people and processes
Yuri Yushkov
CEO, Velvetech
Low-code Quiz