How to create a low-code company: professional services of the future

Trendsetter session
20 min
Using low-code to scale professional services organizations in 2021 and beyond
David Lashar
Partner, Keen360
Practical speech
20 min
How low-code helps to replace legacy infrastructure and align processes across organization: enterprise customer success story
Stéphane Banon
Associate Manager, ProcessFirst
Real-life low-code experience
20 min
Accelerating digital adoption with low code technology: Optimum Safety Management success story
Steve Yates
Founder & CEO, Optimum Safety Management
Dennis Synal
President, E6 Solutions
Best-practice session
20 min
Introducing low-code powered opportunity management for professional services
Scott Wolfe
Director of Sales and Operations, Techosystems
Digital circle
40 min
The future of professional services: digital transformation trends and their impact on the industry
Erik Hale
Sales Enablement Director, Creatio
Yuri Yushkov
CEO, Velvetech
Brian Segers
President & Senior Consultant, Techosystems
Clayton Locke
Director, Lockehaven Limited
Low-code Quiz