How to create a low-code company: driving changes in business culture and human mindset

Trendsetter Session
20 min
Challenging the stereotypes for business and IT
Lyndsey Scott
American model, software developer and actress
Andy Zambito
Chief Sales Officer, Americas, Creatio
"Women in tech" circle
40 min
COVID-19, low-code and the business landscape: lessons from the frontlines
Katherine Kostereva
CEO and Founder, Creatio
Rebecca Wettemann
CEO and principal, Valoir
Lori Seal
CEO, Blytheco
Aina Neva Fiati
Managing Director, ISystem Asia
Fire-side chat
40 min
Cross-industry view of how organizations from different industries use low-code/no-code technology to drive innovation and change
Erik Hale
Sales Enablement Director, Creatio
Alan Joenn
Account Director, Collier Pickard
Sebastian Forget
President & Owner, Solution Metrix
Sam Biardo
Founder Technology Advisors & StarfishETL, University Professor, Podcaster, & Avid Golfer
Closing remarks and awards
20 min
Crossing the finish line: tips and treats for low-code marathoners
Erik Hale
Sales Enablement Director, Creatio