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How a cloud CRM can boost your sales process?

For most businesses around the world, managing their sales funnel and accelerating their sales cycle are two primary concerns. Honestly, an ill-managed sales pipeline is not a mistake most businesses can afford without paying a hefty price. In today’s world, where a customer’s journey from lead to customer mostly resembles a criss-crossed road rather than a straight line, managing it all with spreadsheets is pretty difficult. Here you need a versatile CRM system that lets you track your customer journey, from lead to customer, and gives you complete control of the sales process. So, if you are still using outdated methods for managing your sales pipeline, then it’s high time for an upgrade!

Automate your sales process

If you are spending a considerable amount of time doing mundane repetitive tasks, then you are wasting precious man-hours. With a web-based CRM system in place, you can easily automate most routine tasks: entering leads, sending routine e-mails, document approvals, etc. Simply set the business logics and workflow rules – this will save you tons of time that you can utilize solving complex issues or growing your business.

Centralize all customer data

Whether you are pitching a product for the first time, resolving a support ticket or looking for cross-selling opportunities, a 360-degree customer view is a must. However, when businesses are managed with spreadsheets, most of this crucial data stays scattered in various desks. A CRM system centralizes all this information in one place and lets your team members access the same at a glance! You can further enhance the data with social information and position in company structure to understand the customer behaviour and buying patterns.

Track customer journey

A CRM system lets you track the customer journey throughout the entire sales cycle. This, in turn, streamlines the sales process and reduces the risk of missed follow-ups or long gaps in communication or any other human errors for the matter. Moreover, by tracking your sales cycles, you can identify the problem areas (if any) and use that intelligence to improve your customer experience.

Speed-up your sales cycle

Every business wants to sell more. However, often long sales cycle stands on the way to this. A CRM is the best way to resolve the problem. By implementing a CRM system with powerful sales automation capabilities, you can reduce the response time, streamline communication, and effectively speed-up the sales cycle. At an organizational level, you can identify issues or bottlenecks that are slowing down your sales cycle and making it lengthier than it has to be. Once you identify the factors, you can work towards addressing them!

Streamline your sales process, automate mundane tasks, and speed-up your sales cycle with our web-based CRM system. 
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Why go for a cloud CRM?

Infrastructure cost is almost negligible when it comes to a cloud CRM system. Everything is hosted in the cloud and you don’t need to invest in costly servers or any other infrastructure. Simply get started with your browser!

Most businesses work in a global environment today. With a web-based system in place, you can access your customer data from anywhere. All you need is a device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone) with internet connectivity.

Web-based CRMs are super easy to scale. With everything hosted in the cloud, upgrading or downgrading as per your requirement is just a call away. You can easily accommodate the needs of your growing business without any technological drama.

Supercharge your sales cycle with Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio is a cloud-based CRM system that helps you manage, monitor, and optimize your sales processes. The CRM solution comes with powerful sales automation technology that lets you accelerate the sales cycle and effectively control the customer journey. With amazing customization capabilities, Sales Creatio is perfect for businesses of every size, big or small.

Key features of Sales Creatio

  • Out-of-the-box processes

    The web-based CRM system comes with a number of out-of-the-box processes that follow industry best practices. These ready-to-use process flows reduce implementation time significantly and help you in jump starting your CRM adoption. The versatile Process Library consists of a number of process flows built for various purposes and industries that you can implement with a few clicks.

  • Easy customization capabilities

    Sales Creatio offers a low-code environment for customizing your sales processes. The intuitive system lets you edit the existing processes and create new ones with very little coding or no coding expertise at all. You can add or remove fields, change the business logic or work flow rules, set up analysis metrics, etc. as per your requirements. The possibilities are truly endless!

  • Robust lead management

    The powerful CRM software lets you capture leads from a number of sources such as web forms, social media, etc. and qualify the same by identifying and merging the duplicates as well as linking leads with relevant accounts. As a result, you get sales-ready leads!

  • Powerful opportunity tracking

    Creatio sales comes with powerful opportunity tracking features. The system lets you easily identify sales opportunities for new leads as well as for existing customers. Once identified, the system helps you define sales tactics for each opportunity, identify key decision makers, track competition, and generate sales forecast. This intelligence goes a long way in empowering your sales team in achieving their goals.

  • Orders and invoice management

    With Sales Creatio, managing and tracking orders and invoices is super easy. You can classify orders by a number of criteria, monitor current status for various orders, and analyse the effectiveness of your order processing system. By integrating the CRM system with your website, you can start processing orders directly from your website within minutes.

  • Insightful sales forecasting

    The sales forecasting tool ensures that you achieve your sales goals consistently. The system helps you plan sales numbers by industries, accounts and managers. Using historical data and intelligent analytics tools, the CRM system forecasts the volume of sales you are most likely to achieve in a particular period. This way, you can foresee any drop in your sales curve and work towards rectifying the same.

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