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CRM or BPM solution for travel agency

Tourism is one of the most fast growing fields on the market. It shows a constant yearly increase, and according to statistics, it will only keep growing. However, due to the specific attributes of the segment it has slightly changed over the last years for both small and big travel agencies.

Only large organizations showed their interest in automation tools, as they are first to feel the increased demand and consequent need to deal and process huge volume of data. In order to avoid manual management of the day-to-day tasks, automation tools such as BPM and CRM are irreplaceable.

For companies that are looking for business management tools to organize their daily workflow, simple CRM will do the trick. While BPM tool that is capable to manage the processes on the high level of performance capabilities would the best option for businesses that have elaborated a unique process of their interaction with clients. Creatio developed a platform that can support such high demands with flying colors.


travel bpm


What modern travel agencies require from the BPM and CRM systems:


  • Single view of the customer
  • Client accessibility
  • Visibility of the sales pipeline
  • Easy way to contact customer
  • Document management
  • Product database

In addition, there is more functionality that might be interesting specifically to the managing partners of the travel companies, including:

  • Analytics
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customization capabilities

Let us explore what functionality and capabilities could be provided by Creatio platform.

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Creatio features

360° customer view

The system gathers all the relevant information on the client, all the pages he showed interest to, all the links he clicked. Registration information goes straight into the system where it is verified and enriched. All the gaps are filled from open source and social media. So that you can segment prospects into categories according to the source of the incoming lead, the interests he showed on the page or any other points. This way, you will be able to target the group, making your nurturing measures more precise and efficient, not to mention, from the eyes of the potential customer your approach would be relevant and personal.

Business process management

With the business process management system in place, you will be able to elaborate your own, unique business process to follow or you can use already tested by time business patterns available for you in the system’s database. The interface of the program will allow you to see where on the scale every prospect is and what is the next step that should be taken to move him further. The BPM tool provides drag and drop mechanism that will make the process development as easy as a child’s play.

Lead and opportunity management

Monitoring of the prospect on further stages is enabled through lead and opportunity management. This functionality makes it easy to locate the lead or opportunity, check its history within a click in order to understand what to do next. Every lead and opportunity go through the process of distribution – you can assign a responsible employee that will handle this or that particular case.

Collaboration tools

All kinds of communication could be completed from the system. Calls, emails, texts – all that could be accomplished within the system, recorded and tied up with the personal notes of the representative to add some particular details. Collaboration tools of the system will not only allow you constantly keep track of the communication with the client but also keep you in touch with your colleagues, ensuring the smooth path of the client through the sales pipeline. Enterprise social network will help you to keep your team close together by a chat where all the latest news will find them within seconds.

Document flow automation

Let us revert to the last stages of the pipeline on the opportunity step, submission of the proposal and contracting. Both stages require diligence as any document processing does. The system provides templates and documents with the relevant personal information, making document management less time-consuming. Contract management will help with the templates and documents preparation, making it easy to find them in the single contract database or tying them to the correspondent lead, opportunity or account. In case of recurring contracts with the different contacts from the same company, you can relate the documents to make a fast switch between them. Document flow automation will allow you to improve inner processes of approval, coordination or signing of the document. The system will just let you know when it has been approved and the document could move on. You will be able to approve or coordinate document in parallel or build a complex approval process completely automated in the system.

Product management

Another irresistible feature is a product management. Unified product catalogue makes it easy to maintain it up-to-date and manage it. Use product attributes to gather products into relevant groups. Product selection could be easy in all-in-one window where you can adjust to see the availability of the product and any other characteristic you seem fit to be displayed to make the work easier. Knowledge database also might be useful for the employees – they will be able to find the answer to their questions without pasturing the superiors and by simply reading the corresponding article in the knowledge database.

Sales forecasting

Now to the most interesting features – the managing parts of the company. At the every step of the way all the analytical data will be available for you in the convenient and easy to understand format. In this way, you will be able to see the efficiency of the employees making sure they are meeting their KPI. Sales forecasting will help to set the reachable goals and targets motivating and challenging at the same time.

Interface design

In addition, you will be able to customize the system so that every team member feels comfortable at his working place. At the same time, you can make the user interface appealing to the client as well. Just adjust the system to your needs and requirements;y our wish is its command.

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