Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are thrilled to introduce the latest update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements to accelerate business growth and transformation.

Bpm’online 7.13.3 provides the following key updates:

Duplicate search. The newest package features updated tools for searching and merging duplicates. This will help users clean up customer data and get rid of unnecessary information in the system much more easily. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to:

  • configure the rules for duplicate search in any bpm’online section where global search indexing is enabled;
  • configure the search by [Communication options] and [Addresses] details of contacts and accounts;
  • manually merge any records in any system section or catalog;
  • schedule automatic duplicate search in any bpm’online section;
  • select the phone numbers, emails or web addresses which should be displayed on the record page as primary.

Mobile app. The latest package update delivers increased app operating speed thanks to the improvement of the page loading process and optimization of server requests. In addition, we added Spanish to the list of available interface localizations.

Email marketing. In 7.13.3 version, configuring conditional transitions in campaign flows and analyzing click maps became significantly easier. With the help of the [Email clicked] condition, users can see only unique links in the bulk email while setting up transitions between campaign stages. What’s more, the newest version allows for configuring custom macros according to the field values of custom objects.

Business process management. Within this update package, bpm’online has improved its business process management capabilities:  now “User actions” process elements are launched correctly if a process is executed by a portal user. Additionally, we ensured smooth processing of “Decimal’ type constant parameters that were created in one localization, but are executed in another.

System deployment. As part of the transition to open source software, PostgreSQL DBMS is now available for bpm’online Customer Center and Service Enterprise products.

Development tools. Bpm’online 7.13.3 features a new utility for developers – bpmcli, which provides a command line interface for bpm’online. With bpmcli, developers are able to use standard familiar tools, including VS, VS Code, Webstorm, Git, Jenkins and others. Developers can now launch bpm’online projects, write server or/and client codes, execute debugging, testing and installation without leaving the familiar IDE. The utility and its documentation are available for download at GitHub.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes >>

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