A new regular update package for bpm’online


We are happy to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products!

The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period. The new release features more than 40 upgrades and enhancements:

  • Working with emails. The new update package features the improved tools for working with email messages. Now users can easily paste images into the body of an email. When a new email is received, the system will check for previous messages and will copy connections from them. In addition, an indicator of new messages is also displayed in the collapsed communication panel.
  • Business processes. The update package also allows for more simplified work with emails in the process designer. A new business process element has been added that combines both modes of automatic and manual email sending. Newly added element allows for the sending of emails based on predetermined templates, sending emails to a contact or account, and using process parameter values as well as a number of other improvements.
  • Bulk emails. The enhanced package features improved bulk email function and now bulk email responses will be received in the system even if the application is temporary unavailable.   
  • Case management. The improvements encompass the ability to quickly setup web-to-case forms with the help of built-in tools for integration with the company’s website. In addition, users can now enable and disable the customer feedback request, as well as manage the options in the customer feedback survey.
  • Self-service portal. The self-service portal enhancement includes the ability to set up a custom logo on the customer portal login page.
  • Mobile application. The update package features an optimized mobile application. Now changes made in the mobile wizard no longer require compilation. Moreover, new settings will be applied to the mobile application automatically after synchronization. 
  • Administration. The new ability to enable and configure audit logs through the user interface has been added. In addition, if an audit log is enabled on the system configuration file level, the corresponding system setting values will be ignored for security purposes.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.

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