Bpm’online introduces major update of bpm’online sales – empower your sales reps with extended field sales and order management capabilities


Bpm’online introduces the latest version 7.6 of bpm’online sales - the cutting-edge end-to-end sales cycle management software. The updates include extended features for field sales and order management along with a number of other enhancements that will significantly simplify the work of sales representatives.

Extended field sales capabilities

Advanced functionality for field sales management is designed for two main roles and available for users of bpm’online sales omnichannel edition:

Guided selling for field sales reps. From his mobile device a field sales rep has access to the customer database, calendar, product catalog and knowledge base, orders and contracts. When a sales rep is at the point of sale, the system guides him through the steps he needs to accomplish (e.g. Check-in, Presentation, Order, Check-out). When the sales rep is on the Order step, on his mobile device he has tools for quick and easy product selection and order creation.

Supervisor’s workplace. With the help of bpm’online sales, field sales supervisors can intelligently plan visits for each sales rep, view locations on the map to choose the most convenient route, and monitor actual visits by geo-tags from field sales representatives’ check-ins in each of the locations. A supervisor can set up field sales rules defining each step of the process to ensure maximum efficiency of sales reps’ activities in the field.

Simplified order management
All orders in bpm’online sales can be managed within an all-in-one window. Create and process orders, match products and issue invoices in a matter of seconds!

With this latest update, it has become easier to plan a supply and payment schedule. Based on the previous orders, users can create supply and payment schedule templates to simplify calculation of supply and payment terms for future orders. For example, for some orders the payment can be divided into two installments by 50% while for the other orders a sales rep can select to divide payment into multiple installments. The system will automatically calculate all options and issue an invoice, if required.

Corporate relationship structure
The newest version of bpm’online sales also offers tools to easily establish, monitor and analyze corporate relationship structure in a visual diagram. Users can track the structure and history of relationships for each company or the entire group and, what is more, directly within the visual diagram, the user can edit the interconnections between companies and add new subsidiaries.

Platform updates: extended omnichannel communication tools, enhanced usability

Bpm’online 7.6 platform features considerable enhancements to omnichannel communication tools and user experience. The new version provides extended Facebook integration capabilities and full support of the new Facebook API. Free video calls between bpm’online users adds interactivity to your communications. Extended filtering and tagging capabilities allow users to find necessary data within the matter of seconds. New dashboard widgets give even more possibilities for visual representation of data.

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