Bpm’online Announced Partnership with Aorta Systems Group


Bpm’online, world’s fastest growing vendor of CRM and BPM solutions, is glad to announce partnership with Aorta Systems Group, US-based technology provider of customized CRM tools, services and solutions designed specifically for various industries.

Launched in 2012, within only two years Aorta Systems was invented and turned into reality an ecosystem of revolutionary tools and solutions, entered into partnership agreements with a number of leading business application vendors. Working with clients from Healthcare industry as well as other various verticals, Aorta Systems was looking for a comprehensive solution built on highly-customizable platform, so that they could offer it to different businesses. With bpm’online, Aorta Systems extended their services and product portfolio, offering clients custom tailored solutions that combine CRM and BPM functionality, and provide rapid and flexible deployment.

“The ever-growing need for process-based cloud CRM solutions, as well as specific requirements towards customization, automation and integration capabilities, led us to the decision to enter into a strategic partnership with bpm’online, - says Nikita Prokopev, CTO & Founder at Aorta Systems Group, - Bpm’online product is awesome and unique, and not only it has a broad range of great features, but also provides intuitive interface allowing our customers to easily customize the system and start working with the application right away. A robust BPM platform enables our specialists to deploy solutions tailored to any business needs and requirements. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to growing our business globally together with bpm’online”.

About Aorta Systems

Aorta Systems Group is a technology provider of customized CRM tools, services and solutions. Headquartered in New York, Aorta Systems development and sales centers are also located in San Francisco and Toronto. The unique combination of the company’s multi-year engineering experience in conjunction with the solid SaaS operations and management skills enables innovation and the wealth of ideas that helps to make enterprise applications world more effective and user-friendly. http://www.aortasystems.com/