BPMonline CRM Team Edition: Special Prices for Small and SOHO Companies


BPMonline releases a special pricing package for small and SOHO businesses – bpmonline CRM team edition. The offer includes five licenses for bpmonline CRM cloud. As a cloud-based solution bpmonline CRM does not require any additional investment in IT infrastructure – all updates, maintenance and technical support are included to the subscription cost, which allows small companies to get more with less.

BPMonline CRM combines business process management (BPM) platform and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, which allows to design customer-oriented processes, automate them and optimize on-the-go. Process-driven CRM suite enables you to drive productivity and avoid unneeded costs. Neat and clean social interface leverages user experience. The solution is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed at any time via web browser, which allows companies to take advantage of the fast implementation and independence from IT team.

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