BPMonline CRM Is Reviewed by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)


BPMonline, global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions, has been reviewed by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an online media company that provides information technology research and advisory services for enterprise software selection.

TEC Industry Reports feature original research from TEC analysts who examine general and industry-specific trends, developments, and issues, and cover a wide variety of topics related to selecting and using enterprise software. In times when positive customer experience is becoming a paramount business driver, TEC’s BPMonline Spotlight Report shows how a process-based CRM solution can help organizations place customer satisfaction in a central position when defining business processes, values, and goals.

Customers looking into buying a process-based CRM solution should be aware of how CRM and BPM functionality intertwine as well as understand its main virtues. Automated processes link together various parties involved in managing the customer relationship. The process-driven BPMonline CRM solution includes a set of applications for business process management, including process design, execution, monitoring, and analysis.

The main potential benefits of a process-based BPMonline CRM, as stated in the report, are:

  • automating routines,
  • eliminating extra steps and possible human errors from certain tasks,
  • introducing and automating new processes,
  • changing processes on the fly,
  • applying processes across the business, and
  • ensuring smooth collaboration between departments and business units.

Besides deep insight on company’s background, BPM engine based platform, and product’s key features, special attention is paid to the new user interface that came along with the major product update in June 2013. According to TEC, the new UI offers a simple and clean design which allows users to easily locate its main components. In addition to the clean exterior, the system also streamlines information handling.

“The beauty of the TEC report is that world-renowned TEC analysts give their independent view on BPMonline CRM solution, describing all the benefits of it in comparison to other vendors,” remarked Andrey Dovgan, BDD at BPMonline. “We’ve managed to create a simple, yet smart solution that is aimed at helping companies to achieve success in delivering outstanding customer experience. Furthermore, it is very important for us to get more reviews from such industry experts as TEC, helping to understand that we’re on the right track.”

In conclusion, the report summarizes that “While there are very few BPM plus CRM products in the CRM market today, it is the case that with the current interest in customer experience, CRM will involve increasingly complex processes. Consequently, a process-based CRM solution may become a pervasive option among most enterprises, regardless of their size”.

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