Citilink is utilizing Creatio to achieve its goal

February 06, 2019

Citilink is a low-cost airline headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The airline was established in 2001 as a low-cost brand of Garuda Indonesia, set up to operate shuttle services between Indonesian cities. Since 30 July 2012, Citilink officially began operating as a separate subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia with its own callsign, airline codes, logo and uniform.

On a daily basis, the airline was receiving over a thousand emails of which, on average, only 32% were being answered. In such a competitive industry, Citilink understood this was not sustainable. Intrinsically, Citilink sought to improve the way they interacted with their passengers by improving customer service and their passengers’ experience.

To discover how Citilink is providing first-class service to its passengers with Creatio, please click here.

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