Bpm’online sales 7.5 – the award-winning software that drives efficient sales processes


Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales and service automation, introduces the updated 7.5 version of bpm’online sales - the cutting-edge end-to-end sales cycle management software that drives efficient customer acquisition, development and retention. The updates include extended features for sales forecasting and contract management, as well as a large number of smaller enhancements that significantly simplifies the work of sales reps.

Sales forecasting and monitoring

Bpm’online sales 7.5 provides an enhanced set of tools to generate sales forecasts taking into account client’s budget, opportunity stage and probability of closure. With real-time forecasting and dashboards, the system enables the organization to effectively plan the expected revenue by month, quarter, year, etc.

Contract management

With this latest update, it has become easier to manage all contracts, related specifications and agreements using the bpm’online sales. Create contracts manually or automatically, keep track of contract details and history of amendments and approvals. Use comprehensive dashboards to analyze various indicators related to contract management.

The updated version of the bpm’online sales application inherits all the benefits and innovations of bpm’online 7.5 platform, not only providing new capabilities to end users, but also sufficiently facilitating the work of business analysts and system administrators.

Companies can take advantage of the 14-day trial for an unlimited number of users to get familiar with the product completely free of charge. Upon completion of the 14-day free trial period users can prolong their subscription to bpm’online sales and continue working with their data and settings.

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