BPMonline improves customer service for the world’s 5th largest search engine


In June 2012 BPMonline CRM, a comprehensive process-based CRM system, has been implemented across eight Yandex branch offices.

According to comScore Media Metrix data, Yandex’s sites attracted 47 million unique visitors in April 2012. The mission of the company is to answer any questions internet users may have.

The main objective of the BPMonline CRM implementation was to optimize the work of its various units within the Commercial Department (including the back office) to ensure best-of-breed customer service.

Significant time-savings processing individual requests

BPMonline CRM opens new opportunities for managing customer relationships, as well as business processes. The system stores complete data about each client within a single information space, which has already become a significant time saver in processing each request

Automated notification of request updates

One of the important benefits of process-centric CRM implementation is the possibility of a step-by-step processing of client requests. When a new request is received it is automatically created in the system and in turn generates a series of tasks according to set deadlines. Due to the comprehensive automated notification capabilities customers can be informed immediately about any updates on their requests.

Fully Integrated CRM for targeted marketing

Integration of BPMonline CRM and Yandex commercial services, allows the company to track the tools and services used by clients. This information is used for segmenting the customer base and preparing targeted email and SMS campaigns. In addition the CRM system has been integrated with other systems used by Yandex, including billing and issue tracking system Jira.

By moving to the new BPMonline process-centric CRM solution Yandex has gained the following benefits:

  • The information about client debt is always up to date and available in the CRM system.
  • Account managers are assigned depending on their performance.
  • The queuing and scheduling of customer requests and internal applications is fully automated.

The new CRM solution enables Yandex to control performance of individual employees, groups, departments and regional units. The time taken to generate reports has also been reduced due to pre-set reporting templates.

“We are convinced that we can offer Yandex clients exceptional customer experience, by using BPMonline’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solution.” concludes Pavel Tsapyuk, CRM Coordinator at Yandex.

About Yandex

Yandex is the world’s 5th largest search engine. Its sites attracted 47 million unique visitors in April 2012. It uses its capabilities in applied mathematics and data analysis and its in-depth knowledge of the languages, cultures and preferences of internet users to develop advanced search technology and information retrieval services. The company also aggregates and organizes extensive local, national and international content and offers a broad range of additional services. Its search and many of its other services are location-based and are available in versions tailored for mobile and other digital platforms and devices.

More about Yandex at company.yandex.com