Pioneer in "Tokenization" in Central Europe XIXOIO a.s. Becomes Creatio Customer

Pioneer in "Tokenization" in Central Europe XIXOIO a.s. Becomes Creatio Customer

With an ambitious goal of making the Czech Republic a pioneer in the "tokenization" of companies’ projects, XIXOIO a.s. selects Creatio as their partner for no-code workflow automation.

Creatio, a global software company that provides a leading no-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced the FinTech innovator XIXOIO a.s. has become its customer. XIXOIO a.s. combines the best of IPO (public offering of shares on the stock exchange) and ICO (digital token emission via blockchain) to create a unique ecosystem to help companies in Central Europe raise capital for their projects.

The company selected Creatio to shift from manual to automated workflows. The transformation project includes sales operations digitalization and innovative marketing campaigns orchestration that will allow XIXOIO a.s. to quickly grow and scale. They will also be automating service workflows to efficiently process the increasing number of customer requests.

"We are thrilled to have XIXOIO, an innovator in the fintech space, on board. They are disrupting the industry, and to become the partner that will support the transformation journey and help execute their growth strategy is inspirational," said Alex Donchuk, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at Creatio.

"As a fast growing DeFi company we are looking for partners and vendors who are able to understand the complexity of the XIXOIO project and in the same time be our partners in helping us to efficiently reach our ambitious goals. We recognize the no-code/low-code Creatio platform as a perfect tool to manage our retail clients as well as our sales force.  And thanks to the implementation partner, Optingo, we have been able to put such system in place within just a few weeks.", said Petr Kubačka, Sales and Marketing Director.

The implementation will be carried out by Optingo.

Creatio combines an intuitive no-code platform, best-in-class CRM and a robust BPM in a single solution to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations for mid-size and large enterprises. To further accelerate operations, Creatio offers a composable approach to app development and process automation. Creatio’s out-of-the-box functionality eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. Its pre-configured modules have common core functions that can be reused to develop different solutions more quickly. This way, users can repurpose prebuilt or newly-developed modules, plug-ins, and entire applications to rapidly create solutions.

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Creatio is a global software company providing a leading no-code platform for process management and CRM. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent products accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations for mid-size and large enterprises. Together with hundreds of partners Creatio operates in 110 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit


XIXOIO a.s. is a Czech FinTech company. It strives to combine the best from the world of classic finance and modern blockchain technology. It creates an ecosystem whose central point is an IPCO platform, which provides projects with rating and resources for their further development directly from its customers. All is done in a digital environment.

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Optingo specializes and develops competences in B2B CRM (Marketing, Sales, Service) and ERP (Manufacturing and Distribution) domains. Optingo is leveraging leading solutions available on the market in SaaS mode.