Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 7.18.4 update package is here!

The following new capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line.

Duplicate search. A new widget for duplicate data search is now available for beta testing. This widget allows you to easily view and merge duplicates for a specific record without having to run the duplicate search for the entire section. The widget is displayed for records in [ Contacts ] and [ Accounts ] sections in case you have global duplicate search and active duplicate search rules set up.

Calendars. The Exchange calendar synchronization was upgraded to enable uploading and viewing meetings in real time without requiring you to reload the page. Also, you can now send meeting invitations from the corresponding meeting page in Creatio and view the responses on the [ Participants ] detail. Whenever the meeting details change, Creatio will send out updated invitations automatically. If the participants do not respond to invitations, you can resend the invitations from the meeting page with a single click.

Development tools. Generation of source code for all schemas now happens in the background, without disruption to user workflows and operations.

Administration. It is now possible to set up access rights that allow users to export section lists only for specific objects. For example, you may permit the sales department employees to export invoices but not the customer base. Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.

Read the release notes HERE.